Thursday, November 19, 2015

9.12 Crew Extended

9.12 Crew Extended

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Mod is able to:
  • Information window tankiste (personal business) show how much experience and fighting left up to 100% of the skill of a tank (the light bulb there, masking or fists to learn now will become more predictable)
  • The mod supports RU, EN, DE and the possibility of translation into other languages using xml configuration file
  • The support crew's ears, you can use macros, further described in the configuration file
Hangar crew's ears
  • Displays the approximate number of experience/fights to the next skill%
  • Displays the approximate number of experience \ to 100% fighting skill
 When you open a file of a tank, you can see the following information
Combat experience tab
  • What's skill is now being studied.
  • The average experience of battle
  • How many fights tank man skated
  • How much experience has time tank
Training Tab
  • How much should you stuff your experience to the next cent skill
  • How much does the fights
The effectiveness of the combat tab
  • How much should you fill the experience to fully explore the current skill
  • How much does the fights
  • How many% need to learn skills to reset skill without penalty for silver


  1. There was a way for the necessary experience on the tank!
    Can you help me find out where to take or how it is called?

    Sorry for my English!


  2. in 9.13 this mod causes many other mods to not working